How do I apply Zestra Glide®?

Apply Zestra Glide® Sensual Lubricant to the genital area – vary amount to achieve desired lubrication.

Can Zestra Glide® be used in conjunction with Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils?

Yes. Zestra Glide® was designed to be the perfect accompaniment to our flagship product Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils. If using together, be sure to apply Zestra® Essential Arousal Oil first, wait 3-5 minutes for it to take effect and then apply Zestra Glide® for even more sexual comfort and enjoyment.

Is Zestra Glide® safe to use with condoms or sex toys?

Yes, because Zestra Glide® is water-based, it is safe to use with any type of condom. It is also safe to use with sex toys. Please note that if you are using Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils and Zestra Glide® together, you should not use latex condoms. However, polyurethane condoms are safe to use. Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils is not compatible with latex condoms. However, polyurethane condoms are safe to use.

Will Zestra Glide® stain?

Zestra Glide® will not stain your sheets or clothing, and because it’s water-based, Zestra Glide® washes off easily with soap and warm water.

Is Zestra Glide® safe to use every time I have sex?

Zestra Glide® is designed to mimic your own natural vaginal lubrication. It is 100% natural and safe to use each and every time you engage in sexual activity.

What is the pH of Zestra Glide®?

Zestra Glide® pH balanced within the normal vaginal pH range of 3.8-4.5.

Does Zestra Glide® contain polyquaternium-15?

Zestra® Glide™ does not contain polyquaternium-15, a chemical that has a formaldehyde-releasing compound, found in some other lubricants and personal care products.

Is Zestra Glide® a spermicidal lubricant?

Zestra Glide® contains no spermicidal or contraceptive elements.

Is Zestra Glide® safe to use if pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although Zestra Glide® is a 100% natural lubricant made without chemicals or parabens, , as with any product, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should first discuss use with your healthcare professional.

Can men use Zestra Glide®?

Yes. Men can use Zestra Glide® for sexual activity as they would any other lubricant.