Introducing Zestra Glide
All NEW and Natural Premium Personal Lubricant

Introducing Zestra Glide
All NEW and Natural Premium Personal Lubricant

The new premium personal lubricant designed with women’s comfort in mind.

 Zestra Glide is Unique
Among the wide array of personal lubricants on the market, Zestra Glide is truly unique. It was specifically designed – by the same pharmacist who created Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils™ – to be safe and non-irritating.
Enhanced “glide and slip” properties and a soft, sensual feel not found with other lubricants provide a more comfortable and pleasurable sexual experience.

A Whole New Approach
Zestra Glide is the result of a fresh, scientific approach. Pioneers in women’s sexual health, our scientists set out to create a better, safer, “women’s tissue-friendly” water-based personal lubricant with several improvements over conventional water-based lubricants. An in-depth review of ingredient safety information, recent developments in pharmaceutical science and natural ingredient-based chemistry and pure innovation led to a formulation unlike any other.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glide.

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Zestra Glide was formulated to be the best, safest and most comfortable water-based lubricant you can find. Try some today.

All Natural Ingredients Are Just the Beginning

Chemical-Free Zestra Glide is Safe.
At first glance, some of the ingredients in Zestra Glide appear similar to those on the labels of other water-based lubricants. But the similarity ends there. The Zestra Glide formulation consists of carefully selected, nature-based ingredients of only the highest quality, including aloe vera leaf extract and Vitamin E, both known to nourish the skin. Plus, Zestra® Glide™ is free of parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances and irritating preservatives.

Zestra Glide & Zestra Arousal Oils - Together At Last
For fans of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, the introduction of Zestra Glide is even better news. While most water-based lubricants (and all silicone-based lubricants) contain ingredients that can interfere with the clinically proven pleasure enhancing benefits of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, Zestra Glide was designed to be completely compatible with it.

Zestra Glide. Simply The Best
Zestra Glide is safe and effective for use during intimate encounters with a partner, for self-pleasure, and with sex toys. As a companion to Zestra Essential Arousal Oils or all on its own, Zestra Glide adds an element of slippery fun, making sex more comfortable and pleasurable than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glide.

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"I wanted to spice things up in the bedroom and came across
Zestra Glide. It’s incredible! It feels so natural (like I wasn’t even using a lubricant) and my husband and I had some of the best sex of our lives! As far as I’m concerned, Zestra Glide is a keeper. "

- Jessica, TX